Allison Williford is the Sweet Romance and Women’s Fiction author of Waiting for You, soon to be re-released.

Her most important goal in her writing is to craft real, flawed people in her characters, ones whose experiences are those that everyone can relate to — the human experiences of hardships, loss, grief, joy, elation, love, and of being our own worst enemies. Although she began experiencing symptoms of Bipolar Disorder at the age of 16, Allison was not properly diagnosed until 21. Her personal experiences with suicide, addiction, hospitalizations, and the turmoil of finding stability with an illness have lent themselves to her desire to show that we, as humans, are all struggling to find our place in this world.

Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, she now lives in coastal North Carolina with her husband and their dog, Wilson.

82716bwheadshotIn addition to writing, Allison is a mental illness awareness and suicide prevention advocate. When not glued to her writing or with her nose in a book, Allison enjoys free time at the beach, boogie boarding, copious amounts of coffee, romps in the yard with her dog, and also saying hello to every dog she meets.


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